CNC D-500 Router Machine Kit

Price Increases 2022

Even though we try to offer very low cost and very accurate machines, we are struggling to keep the price as low as we have done in the past. 

Due to the price increases from all of our suppliers and not to mention shipping, we have had to put up our prices on any new batches of the usual stocked machines we make.

Prices will remain the same for the current batches until they are out of stock and will not increase until we make another batch of them.


***2021 Special price of £3800.00 ***

The D-500 machine is a fast and robust machine which will allow you to cut out and engrave a range of different materials.

We have gone for a compact design that will suit the small business and hobby market where room in their workshop is limited.
In the future we may offer bigger machines, but for now we will be starting off with D-500.

To start with we will be offering the machine as a self build kit to keep the price down, but also to keep shipping prices down.
Full build documents will be supplied with step by step instructions on how to correctly bolt it all together and wire it up using custom made cables that are plug and play.

Included in the Kit will be all the plates, ballscrews, rails, stainless steel screws, controller box, 6-Axis controller, wide voltage range Power supply, Switches, Glands, Limit Switches, AMB Spindle with holder and all the custom made cables needed to build a fully working machine.

The base we use on the the machine frame is 25mm MDF that is moisture resistance. Due to weight and shipping most people can choose to supply their own base or we can supply.

The controller box we will be supplying is also our own design and has a dual controller that will allow the machine to be used with Mach3 and GRBL. which mode you want to use can be set using the switch on the front of the controller box.

Please check out the Product Page for full information on the machine and videos.

Picture below shows the contents of the kit.

Spindle Vac Boot Kit option.

MDF Blank Base Bed option.


 MDF Vac Bed Kit option .

Please check out the Product Page for full information on the machine and videos.

CNC D-500 Routing Machine Kit.

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