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Price Increases 2022

Even though we try to offer very low cost and very accurate machines, we are struggling to keep the price as low as we have done in the past. 

Due to the price increases from all of our suppliers and not to mention shipping, we have had to put up our prices on any new batches of the usual stocked machines we make.

Prices will remain the same for the current batches until they are out of stock and will not increase until we make another batch of them.


  • 6mm Press Fitted Bearing Type2

 6mm Press Fitted Bearing Type2


These flange bearings can be used for various projects and even ballscrew supports.

M5 threaded.  

Compact size 40mm x 28mm x 8mm 


Shells made of aluminium with light bead blast and oxidisation treatment. 

6mm Press Fitted Bearing Type2

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