Coil Winder ARM Controller Board MKII

For existing Customers that already have one of our Coil Winding Machines, we can offer a reduced Trade in price on their own old controller. Please contact us for more information.


Free Jtag included for updating firmware.

The new ARM Controller MKII still has all the features of the original controller but with the following enhancement’s:

  • Manual controller dial now built in on PCB.

  • Outputs that can be switch 5 volts to control different peripherals.

  • 8 Inputs with 3 of them dedicated for Limit/Homing and Emergency Stop.

  • Higher speed pulse trains.

  • Opto Isolated inputs can be switched to use 5/12 Volts.

  • On board Flash memory that can be used to buffer upto 130000 commands. This allows for very small movements to be sent to the controller with no delay between them from the software’s new Absolute Scripting Engine and build up some fancy windings.

  • Fram memory also on board for Flash memory optimization algorithm.

  • Comes with a Jtag for updating firmware.

  • Free software and firmware upgrades for life!

We also have an option on the side for an Aluminum Enclosure to protect your controller board and allows you to mount you're board anywhere.

For More information on how to setup the ARM Controller MKII Board and wiring diagrams refer to this link -

We have 2 Current editions of the software:

ARM Controller MKII Desktop Edition

Our extensive desktop application filled with tons of tools to create a vast array of different coils ranging from guitar pickups to LVDT coils. This software requires a computer running windows to use.

To Read more about our software and to download follow the link -

Windows 10/IoT UWP Application

This UWP application is currently in BETA and as so is limited to only the automated winding for the time being.

But the beauty of this software is it can be deployed to a SBC Board running windows 10 Core such as the Raspberry pi, this completely removes the necessity of having a full computer rig to communicate with your coil winder.

All information regarding the UWP Application can be found here -



Coil Winder ARM Controller Board MKII

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