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This is an upgrade for existing customers that have the Open Loop stepper motor on their current machine.


The 200mm Coil Winder machine comes as standard with dual stepper motors, which are high torque and great for small to big wires.

But for people that want even higher speeds of up to 2200RPM as doing loads of windings with very small wires then we are going to offer a servo option.


The electronics and software have already been designed to accommodate the servo motor and it should be a simple case of swapping the bobbin stepper motor out for the new servo motor and doing a bit of simple re-wiring.


The main issue choosing a motor, was to find one small enough to fit the existing frame but also one that would give the resolution we require and low power enough to work with the existing power supply that is supplied with the machine.


On top of this we still need the torque and accuracy within the low to high range of speeds and also wanted one with a integrated driver, even though we did design the base plate to accommodate a extra driver that would of sat below the controller box.


The new servo motor fits all of the criteria above and is a great little add-on for anyone wanting to upgrade their existing stepper motor.


Also being a Closed Loop motor, it means that it has a built in encoder that monitors steps and position of the motor at any given time. This means it will self correct and you will not have any missing steps. 


Included with the motor upgrade is extended spacers, bolts and coupler. 



Details Compact integrated design with stepper motor + drive + encoder

Closed Loop Servo Motor Upgrade

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